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Get Involved To Help

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The society has given us a lot of things…What have we given to the society in return?
Do you have internet connection?
Do you have a phone?
Do you want to do social work?
Do you want to serve the Humanity?

Join hands with us.
What are you waiting for dears?
Be a part of and
Be a contact person in your city
Donate here right now!!!
Not the money
your TIME and LOVE
just 10–20 minutes of time
a few phone calls in your city

Few words about a Contact Person.
What is the necessity of contact persons?
There are laks of +ve persons willing to marry, but only a few hundreads know the availability of this matrimony… Most of them dont know the internet… Most of them hide their identity… Most of them are waiting for somebody to help them to find their life–partners… A contact person will take care of them.

Can I become a contact person in my city?
Sure my friends, Everybody from any city/state/country is heartly welcomed.

What am I supposed to do as a contact person?
You will try to find the life–partners for the +ve persons in your city through and

Where should I get information of +ve persons in my city?
You can find some of the working groups/NGOs in your city which work for HIV+ve persons. The civil hospitals can give you the names of such groups.

Is it necessary to meet every person I am helping?
Since many of the +ve brothers and sisters try to hide their idintity, you can stay in touch only with a single leading person in that group/NGO and collect the bio–data of the interested persons. Not necessary to meet every person you want to help.

What should I do after becoming a contact person?
Collect the information of interested persons, upload the profiles on and, go through other matching profiles on the site, find the matches, send them interest/messages, and whenever you will recieve any response message through site… communicate that matter to the person in your city. In short you are working as an internet mediator for the suffering persons in your city.

What are my responsibilities as a contact person?
To register the profiles… periodically check their accounts for any messages… be in touch with the registered persons or their representatives on phone at least… and most importantly not to expose the personal details of the registered persons with anybody if they want to hide their identity.

How can I become the contact person? What information should I send for it?
All the possible details. Your name, contact number, profession, address, photo and the area of work (you can become a contact person for your city or district or state or nation also.)

If you want to serve without showing your identity, you can give only your contact number and area of working only. Not necessary to give your real name and personal details.

Can I try this only for a few days?
Why not dear… Just try to become a contact persons only for a few days. Help a few persons to get registered. Just feel the blessings of the needed +ve brothers/sisters. Check if these things have made a difference in the quality of your own life and only then continue working.

Can any NGO/group work as a contact person?
They are most welcomed as they are already in touch with this subject. Only you have to give additional details of your NGO/group with a few contact numbers of the working persons.

I want to become the contact person right now or want some more information. Where should I get it?
Mail us your Profile:

Snail Mail it To
301, Lloyds Chambers, Bldg. 2, 409,
Mangalwar Peth, Pune 411 011,
Maharashtra, India.


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