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About Positive Saathi

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Positive Saathi India’s First online Matrimony portal for HIV positive people.

Among 55 lakh HIV+ve INDIANS, there are thousands of girls and boys who want to get married and live the life more positively. There are many other diseases like cancer and brain tumor which are more dangerous and life–threatening than HIV/AIDS. But a HIV+ve person never tells anybody that he is HIV+ve. The search of a HIV+ve life partner ends before starting because of this reason.

Mr. Anil Valiv Speaks about Positive Saathi

…On behalf of the State Govt. of Maharashtra, the Motor Vehicles Department is providing you a platform to find a HIV+ve person interested to get married.

Mr. Anilkumar Shamrao Valiv (Founder Positive Saathi) Mr. Anilkumar Shamrao Valiv (Founder Positive Saathi)
Education: DCE, BE (civil engg.)
Occupation: Govt. Servant (Deputy RTO. Motor vehicles department of Maharashtra.)
Hobbies: Music, Meditation, Social Service
Special Skills/Mentions: Keen interest in music. Can play fluent music on guitar, flute, mouth organ, harmonium, synthesizer and whistle.

Doing meditation from last 18 years (though not consistently). Have done Vipassana meditation (10 days), Reiki (second degree), Brahmavidya Pranayama (22 weeks) and Art of Living (basic) courses.

Keen interest in the working of human body and brain. Can easily sense the various stressed and active regions in his brain while in different states of mind and body. Can do roller skating. Have acquired basic Karate skills.

Contact Information
Mail us at,
Call us at 02352–230377
Contributed by
Mr. Anilkumar Shamrao Valiv (Founder Positive Saathi)
Dy. Regional Transport Officer Ratnagiri

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Susan Raj
December 06, 2009
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Join the drops to create Waves

Dear Mr. Anil,
It was indeed our privilege to meet you at Solapur on World AIDS day program organized at Lokmangal Hospital. Your website will provide one more lease of life to people living with HIV. It is nice to know that you have passion towards understanding the amazing system of human body and mind. The skills acquired by you is very supportive to your passion. Positive living with immune deficiency is a field requires greater research. Our generation will create many new paths based on the facts and the ideas of our past recorded and unrecorded knowledge. National Institute of Naturopathy has formed a research wing for such kinds of studies. I invite you to participate in this research.
Since 2005 we have given 56gm protein + SAM (Selenium Aspirin Multivitamin) on 150 HIV Positive people as nutrition supplement, through a NGO at Tadiwala road, Pune. All the Positive people are living with CD4 count above 200. We can arrange for a day’s training program to learn about this, for HIV positive people living with or without ART. SAM is created by Dr. Howard Armisted of He is living with HIV since 1983, CD4 count maintained up to 1000.

70% of our India still lives in Villages. But the 30% is more visible and privileged. Time has come to ensure the food supply to all. We in India still can look back to our origins and supply the best of the technology to our villages. Basically I would like to explore the opportunity to combine various expertise to achieve the goal of reverse migration. The combination I want to explore is:- “Scientists from various sectors (Social + Engineering + Biology + Agriculture + Health + Education etc.) = Final out put must be balance of Ecosystem in the Environment + Entrepreneurship for sustainable income”. In the entire process most of the scientists find politicians as a major hindrance. The presence of social scientist will be able to take care of this aspect so that other scientist can concentrate in their expert areas. Political leaders are the group dynamics which needs to be tackled scientifically to convert them as catalysts to achieve the objectives. Social scientist can work on creating a formula for this.

Your valuable suggestions are most welcomed.

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