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State Training and Resource Centre (STRC), Delhi

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About STRC Delhi
Under National AIDS Control Programme (NACP III), there is a major focus to develop a sustainable system for the capacity building. State Training and Resource Centre (STRC) has been setup in Delhi at Department of Social Work,University of Delhi by NACO as part of its strategy to develop a sustainable system for the capacity building under NACP III.

STRC seeks to develop a sustainable and innovative systems for the capacity building of partner organizations implementing Targeted Intervention projects for High Risk Groups(HRG) with Delhi State AIDS Control Society. It provides high quality training to partner NGOs/CBOs as per NACP III’s technical and operational guidelines.

  1. Ensuring need based training of TIs as per NACP III’s technical and operational guidelines.
  2. Enhancing the capacity of NGOs and civil society organizations in proposal development for NACP funded targeted intervention projects.
  3. Undertaking operational research and evaluation.
Scope of the Services
  • STRC gives emphasis to the importance of Human Resources working in TI and establish innovative learning systems for their capacity building by engaging technical experts and community mentors.
  • STRC assess the capacity building needs of each partners to make training suitable and interesting for the organizations. It design the structure of training course/module; develop case studies; design teaching aids; organize field visits; develop evaluation and assessment tools.
  • STRC has established a Resource cum Documentation Centre wherein training materials, literature, tool kits, other resource manuals and materials in the form of audio–visual aids, case studies, documentaries, etc pertaining to HIV/AIDS in particular and the health sector and development in general are collected and compiled. The centre also plans to collect such material on other areas such as livelihood, education, micro–credit to create linkages and developing a multi– sectoral approach would be desirable.
  • STRC, Delhi plans to initiate an e–Newsletter for partners origination to establish an effective link between various players to promote shared learning and better coordination.The newsletter will provide latest information on TI best practices, reaserch and event etc.
  • STRC has a data base of consultants, trainers/community mentors, positive speakers who are used for training and other activities. Many of its innovative tools are available online to encourage learning among partners.
For more information please contact
Prof Sanjai Bhatt
Head, Department of social Work, University of Delhi and Technical Director

State Training and Resource Centre (STRC), Delhi
Delhi School of Social Work, University of Delhi
University Road, Delhi – 110007
Contact: +91 11 27662694
Fax No.: +91 11 27662694

Contributed by:
Team Leader, STRC
MD Aslam Naved




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