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Community Health Centres in Uttar Pradesh

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Model citizens charter for CHCs and PHCs
Community health centres and primary health centres exist to provide health care to every citizen of India within the allocated resources and available facilities. The Charter seeks to provide a framework which enables citizens to know
  1. What services are available?
  2. The quality of services they are entitled to.
  3. The means through which complaints regarding denial or poor qualities of services will be addressed.
  1. To make available medical treatment and the related facilities for citizens.
  2. To provide appropriate advice, treatment and support that would help to cure the ailment to the extent medically possible.
  3. To ensure that treatment is best on well considered judgment, is timely and comprehensive and with the consent of the citizen being treated.
  4. To ensure you just awareness of the nature of the ailment, progress of treatment, duration of treatment and impact on their health and lives, and
  5. To reduce any grievances in this regard.
Commitments of the charter
  1. To provide access to available facilities without discrimination.
  2. To provide emergency care, if needed on reaching the CHC/PHC.
  3. To provide adequate number of notice boards detailing the location of all the facilities.
  4. To provide written information on diagnosis, treatment being administered.
  5. To record complaint and designate appropriate officer, who will respond at an appointed time, which may be same day in case of inpatients and the next day in case of out patients?

Component of service at CHCs
  1. Access to CHCS and professional medical care to all.
  2. Making provision for emergency care after main treatment hour whenever needed.
  3. Informing users about facilities, costs involved and requirements expected ofthem with regard to the treatment in clear and simple terms.
  4. Informing users of equipment out of order.
  5. Ensuring that users can seek clarifications and assistance in making use of medical treatment and CHC facility.
  6. Informing users about procedures for reporting in-efficiencies in services or non-availability of facilities.




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