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Objectives of National AIDS Control Programme

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  • To reduce the spread of HIV infection in India.
  • Strengthen India’s capacity to respond to the HIV/AIDS on a long term basis.
Operationally the project interventions would seek to achieve the following by the end of the project
  • To keep HIV prevalence rate below 5% of adult population in Maharashtra, below 3% in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Manipur, Tamilnadu where the HIV prevalence is moderate and below 1% in remaining States, where the epidemic is still at a nascent stage.
  • To reduce blood borne transmission of HIV to less than 1%.
  • To attain awareness level of not less than 90% amongst the youth and others in the reproductive age group.
  • To achieve Condom use of not less than 90% among high risk categories like Commercial Sex Workers.




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