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Activities of NACP

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District Covered NGOs GSMTCoverage Programme indicators
Ahmednagar Shehalaya 957 FSW 534 FSW 1. Individuals ever contacted: 12,444(73% of target)
Beed GVM 1980 FSW 791 TG 2. Condoms Distributed per year:3.3 million
Jalgaon Godavari Foundation 580 FSW 594 FSW 3. STI treated per year: 27,000
Kolhapur MSPSS 419 FSW 596 FSW
Latur SNT 930 FSW 409 FSW
Nandurbar LSAMT 41 FSW 519 FSW
Nashik PMT 172 FSW
Parbhani SEDT 1535 FSW 202 MSM
Pune JPSD 2575 FSW3200MSM
Yavatmal GSMT 969 FSW 204MSM

University of Manitoba (UoM): University of Manitoba which commenced in late 2005, has received grant of Rs. 10 crores ($ 2.3 million) to cover around 5,200 sex workers in the three district of Solapur, Satara and Sangli. In Solapur the programme only provide Clinical services to around 2,900 sex workers covered by the Avert programme. The programme operates through around 70 outreach workers in Maharashtra and has contacted around 2,400 individuals. Every month, the programme distributes around 180,000 condoms and treats 200 individulas through 4 clinics.

District Covered NGOs GSMTCoverage Programme indicators
Sangli Sangram 2020 FSW 1.Individuals ever contacted : 2,371 (44 % of target)
Satara Sangaram 385 FSW 2. Condoms distributed per year:1 million
Solapur Niramaya Arogya Dham 2953 FSW 3. STI treated per year : 2,500

Population Services International (PSI): The PSI programme, which commenced in March 2004, has received a grant of Rs. 35 crore ($ 8 million) to cover male clients of sex workers in Mumbai / Thane and 8 other district of Maharashtra. The programme is responsible for social marketing condoms, setting up a network of around 240 STI doctors to offer quality diagnosis, treatment and counseling services and for creating demand for condoms and STI services through IPC, mid–media and mass media campaigns. Each month the programme makes around 1 million inter–personal communication contacts and socially market 1.7 million condoms.

District Covered Programme infrastructure Programme indicators
Condom social marketing in all district covered by Pathfinder, FHI University of Manitoba clinics, 24,000 Condom Outlets 1.Individual contacts per year for Condom and STI promotion: 12 million.
Satara Sangaram 2. Condoms sold per year:21 million
Solapur Niramaya Arogya Dham 3. STI treated per year: 17,000




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