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AIDS Support Group

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AIDS is spreading rapidly. The very AIDS Support Group mention of AIDS provokes a picture of a person ridden with feelings of guilt and shame. There are many people who cannot bear with the idea of getting a HIV infection. They are scared to talk to anyone about it and also terrified how it will affect their family. Persons with HIV infection get terminated from their jobs and has no access to social services. But, why suffer in silence?

A support group helps one to deal and survive with the truth, horror, pain and deep sorrow. A community which shares and cares together. Help comes from all directions. Your experiences will also give another person hope! Join a support group today!

Sometimes, you come across an information very late. Hence it is necessary, that a support group be formed where members can exchange information and experiences which will encourage and promote confidence and awareness.

Come and share @ aarogya AIDS support group

Mail us at: aidssupport@aarogya.com




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