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Prevention of AIDS

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Acquired Immuno–Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS is a life threatening disease, which is a major cause of concern for the government. As of now, AIDS does not have a known scientific cure, so it is important that people be educated about prevention strategies.

Preventive Steps
Here are a few steps that can help check the spread of HIV/AIDS
  • Safe sex: It will just take a single episode of unprotected sex with an infected partner for HIV to be passed. Therefore safer sex, which would imply use of condoms, is the best way to protect oneself from AIDS.
  • Using clean needles will prevent the risk of infection through injecting drug use.
  • The HIV positive mothers can minimize the risk of passing on the infection to the baby by going for a caesarean birth, not breast feeding the child and using anti–retroviral therapy.
  • It is important that every one should spread AIDS awareness and the methods that need to be followed to check its spread.
The government has created a State wise list of STI clinics, institutes, hospitals and medical colleges. It has also listed AIDS counseling centres, testing centres, NGO’s and blood banks in different States. One may click on the links mentioned below for more information Source:




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