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Articles on Awareness of HIV and AIDS

Facing the Challenge

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Dr. Anil Awachat: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Its dawn, I hear only the clock ticking, everyone is fast asleep in the house, and I am writing this article on AIDS. Somewhere around a year or two I started gathering information about this subject. Earlier I also used to sleep peacefully, but when I met the specialists in this area and the people affected, not only did I lose sleep but this issue bothers me even when I am awake.


Articles on AIDS

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AIDS victims and family are still social pariahs
Most of us are far removed from the grim realities of AIDS. But for those who are affected life can be an unimaginable torture. Like it was for Aruna who is in her early twenties and a widow. The loss of a husband is not the only tragedy to have hit her life. She lost her husband to AIDS and that has changed her life immeasurably. For not only did she have to deal with loss of income as her husband fell ill, but also had to live with the cruelty of discrimination.




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