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IDUs(Injecting Drug User) & HIV - Kolkata & IDU

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Kolkata & IDU
  • In Kolkata there was a large number of people smoking heroin.
  • Due to the rise in cost and the lack of supply of heroin many switched to injecting pharmaceuticals (Panda et al 1997).
  • A community based report revealed that 60% of narcotic drug users were injectors.
  • Needles were shared by 80% of the street recruited IDUs.
  • ½ the injectors had a history of abscess at injecting site due their habits of not cleaning the injecting site, keeping the solution in the syringe too long and not cleaning the syringe and needle adequately.
  • HIV prevalence amongst the IDUs was 1% and Hep B prevalence 18.5%.
  • Sex in brothels with sex workers was quite common and consistent Condom use non–existent. (Panda et al 1998).
Chennai & IDU
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    Map of Chennai
  • Since 1983 Chennai has been experiencing a rise in heroin use.
  • Since 1991 injection use of pharmaceuticals has been steadily increasing.
  • In 1995, there was an estimated 15,000 IDUs in Chennai.
  • HIV prevalence amongst IDUs being 15–20%.
  • More than two–thirds of IDUs claimed to share equipment.
  • Casual and commercial sex was frequent among IDUs in Chennai and Condom use was very low.
  • In 2000 when a sentinel site was established, 26% of injectors were already infected with HIV and by 2003 an alarming 64% of injectors were infected. (MAP)
IDUs in Pune? Yes

Photographs taken in Pimpri Photographs taken in Pimpri Photographs taken in Pimpri
Photographs taken in Pimpri, August 2008
  • 100 IDU street addicts have been identified in Pune to date but the actual number is likely to be much higher.
  • Due to the fear of stigma and discrimination middle class addicts rarely come forward or seek support.
What can be done to reduce the risk?
  • HIV/AIDS awareness sessions with IDUs and the community in which they operate.
  • Increase the availability of clean equipment to prevent the sharing of equipment.
  • Decontamination of used needles and syringes i.e. bleach distribution programmes.
  • Pharmacological treatment of drug addiction.
  • Outreach work.
  • Establishing organisations of IDUs, current and ex users to gain support and education on safe practice.
Intervention – What is being done
Patil State DIC
Patil State DIC
NGOs Sharan, Sahara & Deep Griha Society formed the Pune City Action Plan (PCAP) for IDUs in 2006.

In 2007 Sharan & Sahara set up the Pimpri IDU centre providing oral substitution treatment (OST) and related services with Deep Griha Society providing nutrition & HIV/AIDS awareness.

Pimpri IDU Project
Pimpri IDU Project
In January 2008 NACO began to fund the PCAP initiative in Pimpri.

In August 2008 PCAP set up Patil Estate drop in centre to reach more IDUs in the city.

In addition clients are referred to Muktangan who have addiction centres and detox centres. Muktangan work with alcoholics, IDUs and other drug users.




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