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મુખ્ય પાનુ બતાવવા માટે પહેલ કરવી

Showcasing Initiatives

Project Concern International/India (PCI)

‘Saving Lives and Building Healthy Communities’
Project Concern International/India
Organization Description: Project Concern International is a U.S. based non–profit, international development organization established in 1961, promotes community health and integrated development in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe and North America. PCI’s programs reach out to more than three million people every year.

PCI/India, a registered charitable society, established its presence in India in 1997. PCI maintains a diverse portfolio of programs in 13 states in the areas of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support, humanitarian assistance, mother and child health, polio eradication, water, sanitation and environment, micro–enterprise, and organizational training and support.


Text to Change (TTC)

About Us
Text to Change
Text to Change (TTC) is a non–profit organisation was founded in 2006, which is devoted to improve health education and medicine adherence via mobile telephony in developing countries.

Key programs
  • HIV/AIDS education via the TTC sms education quiz.
  • Medicine adherence via mobile telephony.
  • Development of Health Insurance software via mobile gprs systems.


આ આપની સાઈટ છે, સુચના અથવા પ્રતિક્રીયા આવકાર્ય છે. જણાવશો, તો અમો તેના આધારે ઉત્તમ કરવાના પ્રયત્‍નો કરશું.

સુચના જણાવો



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