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Samvad HIV Helpline

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Samvad HIV Helpline Are you confused or worried about HIV?
Do you want to speak to someone who knows about HIV and AIDS?
Call the SAMVAD HIV/AIDS Helpline: 020 2546 0102

SAMVAD stands for Making U Know and Talk About AIDS. They offer a free and confidential service run by trained professionals.

Wake Up Pune
HIV is perceived as a ‘Disease of the others’ – of people living in the margins of society, with questionable lifestyles. This prevents people from seeking information and help about the disease. This lack of information leads to either ignorance of the threat of HIV or panic – both are unnecessary.

HIV has high socio–economic impact as it affects people in their most productive years and destroys entire families.

It is not just a medical problem but a social, cultural, economic and legal problem. The problem has many layers many contexts. People want information specific to their situation, one–on–one. They don’t want to be SEEN asking.




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