Abbreviations for HIV/AIDS related terms

HIV Human Immuno-deficiency Virus
AIDS Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome
NACO National AIDS Control Organization
NACP I National AIDS Control Programme, Phase 1
NACP II National AIDS Control Programme, Phase 2
SACS State AIDS Control Organization
ICMR Indian Council of Medical Research
UNAIDS UN Joint programme on HIV/AIDS
WHO World Health organization
NGO Non Govt Organization
BSS Behavioral Surveillance Surveys
CMIS Computerised Management Information systems
ICTC Integrated counseling and testing centers
STI Sexually Transmitted Infections
ARV Anti Retro Virals
ART Anti retroviral Therapy
PLWHAs People living with HIV/AIDS
IEC Information, Education and Communication
GIPA Greater Involvement of People Living with and directly affected by HIV/AIDS
TB Tuberculosis
RH Reproductive Health
IDUs Intravenous Drug Use
STD Sexually Transmitted Diseases
MSM Men having Sex with Men
ANC Ante Natal Clinic
FSW Female Sex Workers
CSW Commercial Sex Workers
TIs Targetted Interventions
BB Blood Banks
PPTCT Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission of HIV
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
DD Door Darshan
EQAS External quality assessment scheme
FRU First Referral Units
HCV Hepatitis C Virus
SMOs Social marketing organization
FHAC Family Health Awareness Campaign
SAEP School AIDS Education Programme
TOT Training of Trainers