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Fast facts about HIV

Find out about HIV and how to prevent it
The following materials will give you basic information about HIV, how to prevent its transmission and about HIV tests as well as HIV counselling and treatment.

1. Fast facts about HIV
What is HIV? What is AIDS? What are the symptoms of HIV? When does a person have AIDS? How quickly do people infected with HIV develop AIDS?

2. Fast facts about HIV prevention
How is HIV transmitted? Can I get HIV from casual contact? How can you limit your risk of getting HIV through sex? How effective are condoms in preventing HIV? What is a female Condom? Is it ever completely safe to have sex with a HIV–positive person? How can health–care workers help to prevent transmission in health–care settings?

3. Fast facts about HIV testing and counselling
What is a HIV test? How long after possible exposure should I wait to be tested for HIV? Why should I get a HIV test? Where can I get tested? Are my test results confidential? What do I do if I have HIV? What does it mean if I test negative for HIV?

4. Fast facts about HIV treatment
What are antiretroviral drugs? How does HIV treatment – antiretroviral (ARV) therapy – work in someone who is HIV positive? What is the difference between “First”, “Second” and “Third line” antiretroviral drugs? What other kinds of care do people living with HIV need? What is “PEP”? When you are on antiretroviral therapy, can you transmit the virus to others? Why is treatment adherence important? What are the side–effects of HIV treatment?





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