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Living with HIV

Discriminated to Death

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By Ranjita Biswas
A young Indian couple in Saudi Arabia, a 15–year–old boy in Ahmedabad, a farm labourer in Surat and many others have committed suicide to escape the stigma and discrimination that HIV–positive people face. Why does discrimination continue despite crores of rupees spent on awareness campaigns in the past two decades?

Early this April, a young Indian couple committed suicide by hanging from a ceiling fan in their home in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The police told Arab News, according to a PTI news item, that a suicide note left behind revealed that they were upset after finding out that the wife was HIV–positive.


Life after HIV/AIDS

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By Anjulika Thingnam Samom
General secretary of the Manipur Network of Positive People Sorokhaibam Thoibi Devi has individually approached and coaxed 230 HIV–positive women in Thoubal town to declare their positive status, join the network, and learn to re–live their lives

Sorokhaibam Ongbi Oinam Ningol Thoibi Devi or Thoini Sorokhaibam Ongbi Oinam Ningol Thoibi Devi or Thoini
Sorokhaibam Thoibi Devi, or Thoibi as she is called, understands the anguish of Rani, 36, an AIDS widow who, until a short while ago, struggled to earn a living for herself and her three young children by selling pakoras (fried savouries) by the roadside.


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