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Youngest AIDS Activist

11 year old Mumbai girl, Prapti Gilada, daughter of an AIDS activist has impressed the International AIDS Conference in Durban.
An 11 year old Mumbai girl has impressed the International AIDS Conference here with her zealous promotion of awareness about the disease. Prapti Gilada, daughter of an AIDS activist, has not only addressed the conference about the work she is doing in India to spread AIDS awareness but has been featured in numerous radio and television interviews. Described as the youngest “AIDS activist’ in the world, Prapti said the active involvement of her father, who is a doctor, in AIDS campaigns had drawn her to it.

“My sister and I have a play Jamuwe in which we have information about AIDS and we often sing songs and skits through which we pass on the message”, she said. Prapti said although she was young she was making an impact in India in promoting AIDS awareness among the people. “Sometimes people just look and walk away but most of the time they pay attention to what we are saying”, she said.

She said she had come in contact with many people suffering from AIDS and it distressed her to watch people dying slowly.

“Many young people are falling prey to the dreaded disease and I feel very sad about this. I feel parents should talk to their children about AIDS”, Prapti told PTI. Asked if she felt any embarrassment at distributing condoms, she replied:

“No, there is nothing awkward about this. You know Condom is like a lifesaver and there is nothing shy or awkward to distribute a lifesaver”. She said she wanted to become a doctor when she grew up. “My father is doing a lot of work among people and I also want to help. I want to help people overcome their suffering”, she said.

Prapti is one of several young people who have made a call to governments and organizations to take urgent measures to alleviate the suffering of AIDS victims.




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