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Prayas - Health Group for HIV/AIDS

About the Health Group
We concentrate on the problem of HIV/AIDS. We are involved with:

Slides on AIDS
  1. Awareness programs: More than 750 programs conducted in schools and colleges, women’s groups, industrial workers, citizens residing in the slums, health care providers, etc.
  2. Training programs: For trainers, animators, to conduct awareness programs, social workers for development of community–based programs and counseling services, medical practitioners for diagnosis and management of HIV/AIDS
  3. Creation of information software: Publication of books, booklets, flipcharts, poster sets, slide sets and other audio–visual material.
  4. Dissemination of information: Our ‘AIDS Networking and Information Centre’ (ANIC) is supported by a well–stocked and specialized library and documentation Centre. The facilities are open to all.
  5. Counseling Centre: For individuals requiring information on HIV, for individuals infected with HIV, both adults as well as children.
  6. Care and support system for people with HIV: We coordinate and arrange for diagnosis, treatment, hospitalization and home–care of individuals with HIV, both adults as well as children.
  7. Collaborations: With other organizations dealing with the problems of HIV/AIDS, especially the ones working with marginalized communities like women in prostitution and their children, MSM, street children, unemployed youth, etc.
  8. Research: We conduct, collaborate and participate in research activities related to sexuality, sexual behavior and social as well as medical aspects of HIV/AIDS.
Projects Completed
  1. Establishment of AIDS Networking and Information Centre (ANIC). (Grant provided by Overseas Development Network, 1995.).
  2. AIDS Awareness slides and posters set, gender sensitive Marathi slide show for AIDS awareness programmes. (In collaboration with CEHAT, 1994–97.) (Now translated into Hindi and English, 1999.).
  3. Health seeking behavior of women from low income areas regarding their reproductive tract illnesses. (A collaborative study with John Hopkins Institute, 1997–98.).
  4. Sexual behavior, networking, language of men having sex with men (MSM) in an urban setting. (A study completed under a grant provided by the Ford Foundation, 1997–99.) Under the same grant we prepared two book “Pudhe kay?” and “HIV/AIDS: Diagnosis and Management, A physician’s Handbook”, prepared a video film “Chandrapurchya janglat” and translated our Marathi slide set into Hindi, English and facilitated its translation into other languages.
Our HIV/AIDS Related Publications
  1. “HIV/AIDS vishayee he mala mahit have!” (Marathi) (I must know this about HIV/AIDS) (first edition 1995, second edition 1999).
  2. Children and AIDS (English) (1996).
  3. Handbook for animators (Marathi) (1997).
  4. ‘Pudhe kay?’ (Marathi) (What next?) (1999).
  5. HIV/AIDS mhanaje ahe tari kay? (Marathi) and Madhyamanshi maitree (Marathi) (1999).
  6. HIV/AIDS Diagnosis and Management – A Physician’s Handbook, (editor Dr. Vinay Kulkarni) (1999).
Amrita Clinic,
Karve Road, Deccan Gymkhana,
Pune 411 004. Maharashtra, India
Telephone: +91 20 25441230
Tel/Fax: +91 20 25420337




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