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Network of Maharashtra People with HIV (NMP+)

The Network of Maharashtra People with HIV (NMP+) is an organisation formed by people with HIV to improve conditions for positive people. Membership is open to all people living with HIV in the state of Maharashtra, irrespective of gender,
Network of Maharashtra People with HIV Network of Maharashtra People with HIV
caste, religion or social group. We have volunteers working all over the state, positive people empowering others to develop self-esteem and to support their affected families.

NMP+ was founded in 1997, registered in 2001, and now has over 30,000 members. We are affiliated to the Indian Network for People Living with HIV (INP+).

An improved quality of life of people living with HIV and an increased active participation in society.

To improve the quality of life and provide a sense of belonging to people living with HIV and their families for full active participation in society, and reduce further HIV transmission.

Our work
Our work includes Advocacy, Service Delivery and Network Building. Much of our work is done through our valued partners, the district level networks.

Advocacies we have been involved with in the past year include:
  • 75% discount on bus travel for positive people and their carers to attend for all their treatment including opportunistic infections
  • Extend rail discount for people with HIV to all travel by them and for their carers
  • Campaigning against quack doctors, including filing cases
  • Campaigning against mandatory pre-marital HIV testing
  • Successful advocacy to have GIPA post made available to network members
  • 2nd line treatment to be freely available across all Maharashtra including preparing high court cases
  • speaking out in public, in order to increase awareness and reduce stigma
  • campaigning for greater acceptance and better conditions for people with HIV
  • campaigning for the introduction of the original HIV AIDS Bill
Service Delivery
We have a number of programmes through which we provide services to people with HIV. These include the Access to Care and Treatment Project, Chaha project with children, the Paediatric AIDS Initiative project with mothers and young children, Youth Rights for Sexual and Reproductive Health, and a new project, Targeted Intervention for Migrants. Through these projects we
  • provide information, counselling, nutrition and other support
  • support children including orphans
  • provide treatment and advice directly through the TAAL Pharmacy, in partnership with the drug company Emcure
  • provide condoms, medical services and knowledge to high risk population groups
Network Building
    Network Building Network Building
  • organising, training and co-ordinating District Level Networks to reach out to people with HIV in the whole of Maharashtra
  • supporting women’s forums to give a greater voice to women and children affected by HIV. We have a State Women’s Forum in NMP+
  • we have district networks covering the whole of Maharashtra. Our network building work continues with our establishment of Taluka Level networks, and we are planning a Men having Sex with Men forum.




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