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Snehadaan - Camillian Community Care Centre for PLHIV

“Snehadaan is the first Community Care Centre (CCC) for PLHIVs in Karnataka, under the Sneha Charitable Trust run by the Camillians of the ‘Order of the ministers of Sick’ founded by St. Camillus around 450 years ago. Our task is to provide care, treatment & support for the sick, especially the marginalised sick. The centre is situated on Sarjapura Road, at the outskirts of Bangalore city 11 Km from the St. John’s Hospital, Bangalore”. It’s a 50 bedded facility for the treatment & care of PLHIV with at least 10 beds dedicated for palliative care.

Snehadaan Care Center for People Living with HIV Snehadaan Care Center for People Living with HIV
In 2003, the Camillians established the Sneha Charitable Trust® to coordinate the HIV/AIDS care initiatives in India. At present the trust runs 5 centres (Snehadaan, Bangalore, Snehasadan, Mangalore, Snehatheeram, Kochi, Sneha Kiran, Secunderabad and Sneha Agnes, Nagpur) and coordinates Care and Support activities in Karnataka. Snehadaan is the pioneering centre for providing Care and Support to the PLHIV and training of health care personnel in the HIV/ AIDS care field.

Snehadaan is a 50 bed community care center for PLHIV. Through a holistic and comprehensive approach Snehadaan provides an array of services for the HIV infected and their families ensuring their dignity and overall quality of life.

Our Vision
To provide quality health care to the sick, that is comprehensive and holistic, with a preferential option for the people infected and affected with HIV/AIDS

The Mission
Sneha Care HomeSneha Care Home

To be a positive force in addressing the comprehensive needs of the HIV infected persons, ensuring their dignity and overall quality of life, by motivating, caring, supporting and rehabilitating them, with a priority for the palliative care of those who are in the end stage of the disease.

  • To provide holistic care to PLHIV that enhances their quality of life
  • To help PLHIV maintain their personal dignity and worth in spite of their infection
  • To extend psychosocial and spiritual services to PLHIV.
  • To provide effective treatment to HIV related illnesses
  • To provide compassionate care to those who are in the end stage of their disease
  • To prevent the occurrence and spread of HIV by providing counseling and value education.
  • To train health care professionals in the management of HIV.
  • To network with other organizations working in the field of HIV.
NACO DGs Visit to Snehadaan NACO DGs Visit to Snehadaan
Core Values of Snehadaan
Compassion, Care, Commitment, and Competence

Comprehensive Approach to Care, Support and Treatment of PLHIV
Understanding & Defining Care, Support & Treatment
For understanding Care, Support and Treatment of the PLHIV, it is imperative to understand their needs. The needs of the PLHIV are not just medical; they range into the socio–economic and psychological fronts as well. Hence treatment demands a more comprehensive approach that addresses all the needs of the patients in a holistic manner.

Needs for PLHIV
Medical needs
  • Access to treatment of opportunistic infections;
  • Access to antiretroviral treatment
  • Palliative care for terminally ill patients
  • Complementary home based or community based care.
  • Nutrition and hygiene
Psychological needs
  • Stress reduction
  • Full information
  • Retain self esteem, dignity and respect of others
  • Positive emotional stability and
  • Enabling future planning
Social welfare needs
  • To continue to work
  • Income support through social security etc.
  • Shelter/housing, equal access to existing provision
  • Care for dependent children
  • Legal assistance and prevention against discrimination.




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