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Ashadeep Support Group

Patients admitted in K.E.M. Hospital, Pune and on OPD basis, who are tested positive are counseled by the Medical Social Worker.

Why Counseling is Necessary
HIV infection has profound emotional, social, behavioral and medical consequences. Adjustment to HIV infection involves personal and social adjustments. It has implications on family life, on social and sexual relations, on work and education, for legal and civic rights and for spiritual needs. It involves constant stress management and adaptation.

Ashadeep Support Group
Counseling need not follow any set pattern or approach. However, every effort must be made to cover all the issues related to HIV infection at some stage in the counseling process.

Who should be counseled
  • Already identified HIV patients and their families.
  • Those being tested: Pre test counseling and post test counseling.
  • Those seeking help because of past or current high risk behaviour.
  • High risk behaviour individuals or groups.
  • Health workers or other professionals working in the field or coming in contact with HIV infected individuals.
Steps in counseling
    Ashadeep Support Group
  • Pre test
  • Post test
  • Ongoing
  • Crisis
Pre test counseling
This counseling is not done on regular basis in K.E.M. hospital as the patients are tested routinely and then they are referred for post test counseling.

In post test counseling various issues are covered like
  • Establishing rapport with the client by asking his/her social background.
  • Disclosure of HIV status.
  • Giving space for reactions like worry, anger, guilt feeling, fear etc. and handling their reactions.
  • Explaining modes of transmissions and also how it does not get transmitted.
  • Clearing misconceptions about the disease.
  • Spouse testing.
  • Children testing.
  • Safe sex practices.
  • Biosafety precautions.
  • Regular Anti Retroviral Treatment and CD4 count.
Ongoing counseling
Clients come for follow–up. During this time their social, emotional, sexual, marital, job related problems are discussed. It means to look beyond the infection and normalize many aspects of the Patients life.

Crisis counseling
Problems are not always predictable or not always constant, there is more physical and emotional stress. To offer help and support at times of crisis is necessary at every stage of the counseling process.

Our department does networking with different NGO’s for Nutritional support, educational support, for employment, Prevention of Parent to Child transmission program, for legal advise, for concessional investigations etc.

Home visits
We do home visits to patients homes with prior permission of patients for different purposes.

Asha Deep Support Group of HIV Patients
The main objective of support group is to give confidence and hope for living. Meeting is held once in a month for various reasons like
  • Giving information about the disease.
  • Conducting and arranging lectures on Nutrition, Naturopathy, Meditation, Pranayam, Yoga, Stress Management etc.
  • Entertainment program for children and patients.
  • Sharing experiences.
Support group is a part of treatment for HIV Patients.

Please Write to:
Ms. Manasi Bagul
Social Service Department
K.E.M. Hospital, Rasta Peth,
Pune 411011, India.
Telephone: +91 20 66037369




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