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Snehalaya, started its work for victims of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking (V.C.S.E. & T.) in the red light areas of Chitra, Bhagat and Mamte lanes, Ahmednagar, Maharastra State in INDIA. Snehalaya has identified their problems and tried to draw attention of the society towards them. It was seen that the male children of prostitutes were inevitably forced to become pimps and criminal(s) and female children continued there mothers profession of prostitution.

To rescue these children from the viscious cycle of crime and prostitution, Snehalaya started “Sanskar Kendra” and encouraged these children to enroll in primary school. 29 children were enrolled in primary municipal school in 1990. Eventually, a “Night Care Center” was started in red light area for these children. This Night Care Center provided for the safety of the children from abuse and it kept them away from the red–light area in the worst evening and night time.

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After 3 years of consistent work in the alleyways of the red light area at Ahemadnagar, Snehalaya decided to setup a shelter home for these affected children to provide them a healthy, playful, and just childhood.

  • 1993, Snehalaya started its first Shelter Home in the city with eight children.
  • 1995, Shelter Home was shifted to MIDC in the seven acres of land, donated by a phalanthropist Mr. Mansukhlal Mutha.
  • 1997, Snehalaya succeeded in rescuing girls from Nangare lane Ahmednagar. This was the first rescue case of Snehalaya. After this Snehalaya has rescued over thirty minor girls from red-light area(s) in and around Ahemadnagar. A dedicated “Rescue Home” with facilities of accommodation, food, clothing, medicine and education was constructed for minor girls.
  • 2001, Vocational Training Center was started with the support of “Arun Mangal Seva Vikas Yojna” for imparting skills card making, liquid soap, finial, paper bags making, vermiculture, Tailoring etc..
  • 2003, establishment of “ChildLine” a Govt of India Project for 24x7 support for abused children in need. The support includes physical protection to abused children, mental support to them and their repatriation. We receive 200 calls per day and we have handled 40000 cases till today.
  • 2004, Snehalaya started its adoption center to help couples adopt children of parents deceased due to AIDS.




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