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Organizational Profile
Pahal the Initiative
Brief History and purpose of the Organization:
In 2006, the founder member of the organization, Mr. Praveen Srivastava started a campaign at local level in district Kushinagar & Gorakhpur for the improvement of livelihood status of small and marginal farmers, women, children and deprived communities. PAHAL was established with the purpose of poverty alleviation of the said target groups in Sukrauli and Pipraich blocks of district Kushinagar and Gorakhpur, respectively.
The organization has been addressing the issue of improvement in livelihood status of small and marginal farmers through agro based income generation activities based on low external input sustainable agriculture practices with special focus on horticulture promotion. Apart from it, PAHAL has also been devoting its attention towards Family planning reproductive health & HIV/AIDS issue in terms of making aware, sensitize and orient the key stakeholders belonging to rural community, Ngos & Gos.

PAHAL dreams a society where sustainable and multifaceted opportunities for livelihoods & health are provided to deprived & weaker sections.

PAHAL is committed for socio economic development of small and marginal farmers, vulnerable women and children with the help of various activities especially income generation & family planning and reproductive health, programmes through rights based approaches.

Organization’s Structure
PAHAL has 21 members general body with representatives of Gorakhpur and Kushinagar districts, 15 of whom are small and marginal farmers, out of which 6 are women.Governing board of the organization has 7 members with 5 years term. Members are elected by General body through secret ballots. The Executive Director acts as Chief Functionary but draws no salary from the organization.Secretary reports to managing committee and manages the staff.

There are 2 full time staff and 6 volunteers.

Clientele of Work:
  • Creation and strengthen resource center on health, family planning,RCH and HIV/AIDS with latest ICT.
  • Basic education & health for vulnerable children.
  • Awareness on Migration, trafficking & HIV/AIDS issue.
  • Family life education for women & adolescent girls.
  • Promoting the status of education in women & adolescent girls.
  • Awareness regarding family planning and reproductive health.
  • Strengthen village level institutions and collective action efforts.
  • Offer a holistic approach towards improving the quality of life for women and men through providing accessible, affordable and quality family planning services.
  • Improve accessibility to quality, affordable reproductive health care for women and their families.
  • Focus on client care in a warm and friendly environment.
  • Availability of low–cost contraceptives in rural and urban areas through social marketing.
  • Conduct outreach programs to educate, inform, and serve rural populations.

Target Groups:
  • Small & Marginal farmers.
  • Adolescent girls,women & children.
  • People at risk of HIV/AIDS.
  • Migrate population.

  • 15 self help groups of women.
  • 15 farmers groups.

Geographical Coverage:
  • 2 Nyay Panchayat in Sukarauli Block of Kushinagar District.
  • 2 Nyay Panchayat in Pipraich Block of Gorakhpur District.




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