Karmayogi Vidhyavikas va Samajik Bahu-udheshiya Sanstha

On 24/08/06 Karmayogi Sanstha came into existence and on 1st December 2006 Red Ribbon Life Partner Bureau was launched. This was not on an easy ride but ride with great obstacles the day we inaugurated our office we were asked to close down our office the same day with a simple reason that they don’t want NGOs working with H.I.V in their premises. This did not stop here we were asked to close down our office repeatedly from other three location

At present we are having our office in the heart of the city. Thanks to the Collector of Solapur District Shri.Dr.Jagdish Patil and Commissioner of Solapur Municipal Corporation Shri.Ranjitsingh Deol for allocating Office area for our Sanstha.

  1. To create awareness and sympathy in the society towards the H.I.V community through various awareness programs, seminars, games, social meetings, etc events.
  2. To help them to get all the government facilities, free legal advice and help, to resolve property issues, job placement, swayam rojgar, mahila bachat gats, help them to get free medicines, to arrange marriages within the H.I.V community, provide nutritional food packets to the kids, free auto service,etc.
  1. Red Ribbon Life Partner Bureau.
  2. Jijamata Mahila Swayam Sahayata Bachat Bat.
  3. Red Ribbon Club.
  4. My Green and Clean City.
  5. Karmayogi Mahila Swayam Sahayata Bachat Gat.
  6. Dattak Balak Yojana
  7. My Home.
  8. Positive Multipurpose Counseling Center.
  9. Dhanya Bank for the H.I.V+ infected children.
Target audience:
Youth groups, Women/women self help group, adolescent/student community, and all other segments of population. We heartily request the entire marriage bureau to make testing of H.I.V compulsory for both bride and groom before marriage. This will not only reduce the infection of H.I.V but also save our society from this disease.

Many people may get offended (Particularly the infected ones) but it’s in good interest of the society. The question here arises is what will happen to those who are infected will they remain single for their remaining life? No is the answer. We have a solution for them in the form of “Red Ribbon Life Partner Bureau”. This is a very positive step in many ways as the H.I.V infected person gets married with another H.I.V infected person and hence the risk of spreading H.I.V in the society is reduced. Here there is no barrier of caste. After H.I.V the meaning of religion broadens. Till date we have been successful in organizing marriages of more than 25 couples.

Hunger Strikes:
On 11/02/2008 we had done a one day hunger strike for the following reason
  1. To make availability of CD4 Machine in the Civil HOSPITAL. Solapur.
  2. M.R.I testing machine at the Civil Hospital, Solapur.
  3. Pass a law for making H.I.V test compulsory before marriage
  4. On the basis of Orissa state a pension plan should be passed for the H.I.V infected peoples in Maharashtra.
  5. 75% concession in S.T Fare for the H.I.V infected people.
  6. On 11/06/2008 we organized another hunger strike till death to get all the above points granted.
Goals achieved:
The following goals were achieved because of hunger strike.
  1. CD4 machine was made available in the Civil Hospital, Solapur.
  2. There is a monthly pension allotted to the H.I.V Patients under the Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojana.
  3. At present we are fighting for S.T concession for H.I.V Patients.
Red Ribbon Auto
H.I.V patients get a free auto service from S.T stand to Civil Hospital, Solapur. The expenses of the petrol are covered by collecting raddi from the donors and selling the raddi. Inaugurated by Miss Praniti Shinde M.L.A Solapur, Rajendra Madane- Dy R.T.O Solapur.

The main obstacle in the life of H.I.V patients is how to spend time. Taking this into consideration we stared a Library for the Adults as well as the children. Here they get peace of mind and mental satisfaction after reading the various books in the library.

Red Ribbon Club
The reason for starting this club is to give mental, physical, spiritual and emotional support to the H.I.V patients and also give them a helping hand to live a happy and peaceful life.

Dattak Balak Yojana
This is a very nice program only for H.I.V Kids. Every month we give a nutritional diet pack for these Kids to improve their immunity. Till date we are able to support only 25 kids out of 184 kids registered with our Sanstha.

Positive Multipurpose Councelling Center
The various issues of the H.I.V infected people like Councelling, free legal help, helping them get medical facility free of cost, Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojana(Durdhar Ajar Yojana), etc are covered under one roof.

  1. Solapur Press Club Felicitates Karmayogi Sanstha for its Social Work in the HIV/AIDS Sector on the 6th of Jan2009 Solapur. Awarded by Shri. Bhushankumar Upadhay Sir Commissioner Of Police Solapur,Shri Hemant Choudhary Sir- President Solapur Press Club Solapur.
  2. Solapur Gaurav Puraskar for Social Work In the H.I.V+ Sector, By: JAGRUTI GROUP SAMAJIK BAHU-UDHESHIYA SANSTHA SOLAPUR on the 27th January 2009. AwardedBy Shri Sharad Bansode- Rashtriya Pradesh Sadasya BJP.
  3. Sant Rohidas Samajik Puraskar for Social Work in the HIV/AIDS Sector on the 1st of June 2010 Solapur. Awarded By Shri Anilkumar Valiv Sir- Dy R.T.O Solapur.
  4. Dhruv Tara for Social Work in the HIV/AIDS Sector on the 23rd of September 2010 Solapur from Solapur Yuvak Prathisthan Solapur. Awarded By Sudhir Kharatmal-Secretary of Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee Solapur, Shri Arif Shaikh- Mayor Of Solapur.
  5. Nehru Yuva Puraskar was awarded for the year 2009-2010 for the best N.G.O in the Solapur District on the 11th of October 2010 Solapur. Awarded by Shri Sushilkumarji Shinde Sir- Minister Of Power- Government Of India, Shri Prof.Laxmanrao Dhobale Sir - Cabiner Minister Water Supply & Sanitation, Shri. Jagdish Patil Sir - Collector of Solapur, Ms. Praniti Shinde Madam - M.L.A of Solapur, Shri Arif Shaikh Sir - Mayor of Solapur, Shri. S.N.Sharma Sir - Head of Nehru Yuva Kendra, Shri.Pramod Hinge Sir - Project Co-ordinator Nehru Yuva Kendra for Karmayogis unconditional service in the HIV/AIDS sector.