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Annual Report 2009-2010

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Red Ribbon Vachnalaya:
The reason for starting the red ribbon vachnalaya was to provide educational as well as entertainment books, comics, daily news paper feed for the H.I.V+ infected persons as well as children, as they visit to the office premises every month with various issues as well as on their way to the Civil Hospital for their monthly A.R.T medication.

References of the news paper:
Lokmat 5th April 2009 Sunday.
Ekmat 6th April 2009 Monday.

Red Ribbon Life Partner Bureau:
The reason for starting the Marriage bureau was to bring this community together without any discrimination of caste as the only caste of this community is H.I.V. We were very surprised to the overwhelming response of the community and also satisfied as the first marriage that our Sanstha had succeeded was of a Hindu-Muslim. Till date we have arranged more than 25 marriages. We have a registration of more than 350 members both male and female.

References of the news paper:
Indian Express 20th May2009 Wednesday.
Loksatta 2nd June 2009 Tuesday.

Swatantra Artik Vikas Mahamandal:
The reason for demanding Swatantra Artik Vikas Mahamandal is to give them a financial backing and to uplift their standard of living. We have presented our demands to the Respected Shri Dr. Jagdish Patil and Honorable Governor Sir. The work is in progress and we expect that our demands will soon be granted and this would be a family saving decision.

References of the news paper
Kesari 25th June 2009 Thursday.
Loksatta 30th June 2009 Tuesday.

Vruksha Sanwardhan:
We have undertaken a four acre land at Ganesh nagar, Vairag road, Madha for “MY HOME” an orphanage for the H.I.V+ infected children and widows. We have planted more than five hundred fruit trees via: Mango, Coconut, Sitaphal, Peru, Chicku, Awala, Tamarind, Badam etc. The reason for planting these trees was to provide nutrition for the children. We have also applied to the society for their contribution in this kind project by just adopting a tree for a mere five hundred rupees and supporting our noble cause.

References of the news paper:
Sakal 6th August 2009 Thursday.

Shilai Machine Training:
The reason for starting the Shilai Machine Training program was because the H.I.V+ women have a very low immunity and they don’t have that much energy compared to the negative people. We have attached electronic machine to the Shilai machine so that they don’t have to work hard for the clothes shilai. We have a registration of more than 180 women’s. They would be provided with daily wages so that they can be supported financially.

References of the news paper:
Lokmat 30th August 2009 Sunday.

Navratra Karyakram:
The reason for the Navratra Karyakram was that every year on this auspicious occasion of Kojagiri Poornima more than ten lacks of people from Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh go by foot to Tuljapur. Ceasing this opportunity we held a campaign of H.I.V/AIDS awareness program, distribution of pamphlets, condoms. We did this campaign with the kind co-ordination of Civil Hospital Solapur.

References of the news paper:
Surajya 6th October 2009 Tuesday.
Tarun Bharat 5th October 2009 Monday.

Positive Bahu-Udheshiya Sam-Updeshan Kendra:
Inaugurated by Shri Anilkumar Valiv Dy. R.T.O Solapur the one of its kind, reason for starting the Positive Bahu-Udheshiya Sam-Updeshan Kendra was to bring all the various issues under one roof via: legal support, family disputes, Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojana, Dattak Balak Yojana, Swayam Rojgar, Bachat Gats, Condom demonstration with penis kit, female Condom demonstration, learn and fun can go together policy, Counseling for T.B, H.I.V/AIDS, S.T.I, S.T.D checkup and treatment, referral to the Civil Hospital for half yearly CD4 count checkup.

References of the news paper:
Lokmat 1st December 2009 Tuesday.
Punya Nagari 2nd December 2009 Wednesday

Strike of Lab Technician and Counselor( Civil Hospital):
We had done an advocacy for this burning issue. It was a shameful incident the reason that the strike started on the 1st of December on the “World AIDS Day”. We on writing presented a letter of our full support to the patients that visited the Civil Hospital in the period of strike for H.I.V/AIDS checkup to the Collector Of Solapur Shri Dr. Jagdish Patil and also requested to look into this matter so that the patients do not suffer a lot from this strike.

References of the news paper:
Ekmat 4th December 2009 Friday.
Janpravas 4th December 2009 Friday.

Red Ribbon Awareness Award:
Every year our Sanstha felicitate the honorable citizens who have done something good for the uplifment of the H.I.V+ infected community. The award was presented in the kind presence of Mr. Arif Shaikh Mayor, Solapur and Shri Anilkumar Valiv Dy. R.T.O, Solapur for the year 2009 was as follows:
  1. Dr. Dilip Bavachkar author of the book “AIDS” and for working for this community for more than 15 years
  2. Dr. Pramod Salgarkar Specialist of H.I.V and also a life saving Counselor.
  3. Yashwant Pople sub-editor of a prestigious news paper Sakal and also for raising the issues of the H.I.V community from time to time.
  4. Satyanjay Wakadkar President of Network of Osmanabad people living with H.I.V. who has a kind and positive attitude while working with this community.
References of the news paper:
Sanchar 29th December 2009 Tuesday.
Kesari 31st December 2009 Thursday.

Blood Donation Camp:
Inaugurated by Mr. Anil Vipat Additional Commissioner, Solapur and Mr. Yashwant Chavan, Vice President M.N.S, Solapur, Dr. Sayajirao Gaikwad- District Program Officer Of District Aids Prevention Centre. The reason for Blood Donation Camp is that the H.I.V+ patients have a low immunity and are very prone to the diseases so they are in constant need of blood every now and then. So we decided to start a blood donation camp on the 26th of January every year, to meet the supply and need chain.

References of the news paper:
Sakal 4th February 2009

Awareness of Cholera- Gastro and Free distribution of Chloroson:
The reason for this awareness campaign was because there was an outbreak of Cholera and Gastro at an alarming level in Solapur, as we all know that the H.I.V+ patients have a very low immunity and are prone to the diseases so in the presence of Dr. Suresh Devkar R.M.O Civil Hospital, Mr. Anil Vipat Additional Collector, Solapur, Dr. Pradip Sawale Health Officer, Miss. Janabai Kolarkar Corporator, Dr. Agraja Chitnis Chief Medical Officer A.R.T Centre, we distributed more than 500 free Chloroson bottles and also guided them how to use the medicine for water purification.

References of the news paper:
Lokmat 10th April 2009 Saturday.
Loksatta 12th April 2009 Monday.
Janpravas 12th April 2009 Monday.




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