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Little Angels Ride

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We karmayogi vidhyavikas va samajik bahu-udheshiya sanstha is an n.g.o working in the h.i.v sector for the last three years. sir we have registration of more than 184 h.i.v infected kids. every month the kids have to go to the civil hospital for their check ups and medicine. they visit to the sanstha office during this period. they take rest for two to two and a half hour at the sanstha office which is convinient to them as it is situated near the bus stand.

With the little angels ride the kids will enjoy each an every moment of their life. they will get to explore new things, meet new people, increase their knowledge and last but not the least have fun while doing all the activites.

Following are the facilities the sanstha will provide to these kids with the little angels ride. little angels ride: this free service is reserved only for the h.i.v infected children. the childrens will get to enjoy by visiting various museums, gardens, water parks, picnics, temples, monthly visits to civil hospital, visits to various schools, participate in competitions, summer camps, winter camps, various seminars, guest lectures, anand melawa, training camps of short periods, hastakala, drawing classes, animated movies, free medical checkups camps, etc facilities.

Sir we request you to donate the little angels ride to our sanstha, so that we can provide all the luxury to these little angels, with all these adventure they will atleast live a very happy life even though they have a very short time on this earth.
Sir, thanking you for your kind and generous support to our little angels.

Following are the monthly expenses for the little angels ride.
  1. Driver : monthly salary rs. 3,000/-
  2. Petrol Expenses : monthly rs. 10,000/-
  3. Counsellor and community care supporter : 3500
Capacity of the little angels ride and the batches we are going to take every month for the visits and the no. of kilometers the ride will cover in the entire month.

Mahesh Hanme
Founder President
Karmayogi Vidhyavikas va Samajik Bahu-udheshiya Sanstha
Mobile no. - 9890440480
E-mail – redribbonsolapur@gmail.com




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