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Future Plans
Phase One
My Home
We have planned an orphanage for the H.I.V infected women and Children only.

This proposed orphanage is planned on an area of 1,35,000 sq.ft. At Present we are having a light connection as well as bore well The basic needs like land, water and electricity have been achieved.

Phase Two
  1. To construct a Cow Farm, Goat Farm, Rabbit Farm and Poultry Farm.
  2. Small manufacturing units of Chalk, Candle, Imitational Jewellery etc.
    All these concepts have been planned taking into consideration the health of the H.I.V Patients.
Phase Three
  1. Residential accommodation
    For 100 members of my home pariwar(ladies only) and 200 children
  2. Food arrangement
    Free food for my home pariwar.
  3. School
    Free education for the children with occasional education.
  4. Medical facility
    Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Allopathic (ART) Treatment under government schemes.
  5. Entertainment
    To create an Amphi theater named Anand Bhuwan.
  6. Spiritual Growth
    To construct a Dhyan Mandir for my home pariwar.
We have taken individual loans to run the Organization. Our organization is not funded by government or any National body. So, we have collected the donation from Individual Person, firm in society.




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