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Success Stories of HIV - AIDS Patients

Battle with AIDS

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February 2010
  • NMP Plus Case Studies
    • Doctors/ hospitals
    • Confidentiality
    • Cost of 2nd line
    • Cost of bus fares
    • Stigma from family
    • Stigma from community
    Bhausaheb is a 29 year old man living in the city of Pune, he is living with HIV. Bhausaheb agreed to share some of his experiences of living with the HIV virus in modern India. [read more…]
January 2010
  • NMP Plus Case Studies
    Purba lives in Ahmednagar. Two years ago when Purba’s husband died of AIDS, she collapsed with worrying about her future life. She found out she was HIV positive herself. When she came to know about her HIV status, she was very depressed. How would her children face society and the world? At the same time she was facing lots of problems at her mother-in–law’s house where she then lived. They abused her, telling her ‘my son died because of you’ and blamed her for spreading HIV. They also mistreated her children. They denied her her property rights. Her mother-in-law also demanded Rs. 50,000 from Purba to pay for the boring of a well in the farm. [read more…]
December 2009
  • NMP Plus Case Studies
    Here, we have a case study of a person whom we have just taken out from the mouth of death. Any credit should go to our network out-reach team and specially the treatment support coordinator Anjali Yadav who have taken follow up of this person when the person was not enrolled or registered in our network. [read more…]
November 2009
  • NMP Plus Case Studies
    Supriya is a 29 years old female. Her husband has expired due to HIV in a village of Wardha district. Lack of knowledge about HIV among his family members meant they were unable to seek the proper treatment and he died. After his death Supriya’s mother-in-law and other family members started mistreating Supriya, accusing her of killing her husband. They made her leave home. She went to live with her father. He is widower and lives alone. He is an alcoholic and a labourer. [read more…]
October 2009
  • NMP Plus Case Studies
    It was a hot summer season, when we reached to Lingnur. It is a small village in Miraj Taluka. Counsellor Londe and I were on home visit to evaluate Vaishali, a 7 year old child. As we reached her house an old lady of about 65 years old came forward to receive us. She was sweating and was covered in dust. We were little bit upset and wondered to see her. But when we asked her the situation she explained the past clearly. When we heard it we were full of pity. That poor old lady had come from a nearby cornfield where she had gone for daily work. She had come to give food, medicines and to see the condition of Vaishali, who was bed ridden. [read more…]
September 2009
  • NMP Plus Case Studies
    When a husband dies there is no one to care for his wife. The civil society will not accept her, this society wants to put restrictions on her without sympathy or empathy. If the wife died society would not restrict him. This shows that our society is a male dominated society. If the male goes wrong no one asks him about his faults, but if a woman is doing the same this society says that she is not suited for society. [read more…]
July 2009
  • NMP Plus Case Studies
    My name is Bausaheb, I am 27yrs old, I was born in a village in Beed District. I had married in 2003. After 4 month of marriage I fell sick, I had weakness. My HIV test was done, without my knowledge. My parents knew my status but they didn’t tell me. Only the Doctor told me to stop my sexual activity. I don’t know why they didn’t tell me? Then I went with my parents to the District Hospital. Again my testing was done and my report is HIV positive, when we came home my parents told me the reality. Then my wife’s test was also done, fortunately she is negative.[read more…]

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