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Voices from the Field - Videos - HIV - AIDS

Mr. Abbas Parvanesh- Sahara Aalhad Centre
Mr. Abbas Parvanesh
Dr. Anil Avchat - Founder of Muktangan Rehabilitation Center Pune
Dr. Anil Awachat
Mr. Anilkumar Shamrao Valiv- Author,
Mr. Anilkumar Valiv
Mr. Avinash Chakranarayan - Deep Griha Society, Pune
Mr. Avinash
Mr. Dwijen Smart - Counselor
Mr. Dwijen Smart
Mr. Hans Billimoria
Mr. Manoj Pardeshi - General Secretary of NMP Plus
Mr. Vincent McDonald - Volunteer Communication Advisor
Forum on HIV and AIDS
Forum on HIV & AIDS
Fr. Mathew Director of Sarva Seva Sangh
Fr. Mathew
Dr. Mahesh Mokashi - Sai Clinic
Dr. Mahesh Part-I
Dr. Mahesh Mokashi
Dr. Mahesh Part-II
Mr. Sanjay Jadhav - President of NPP Plus
Mr. Sanjay Jadhav
Mr. Bindumadhav Khire - Sampathik Trust
Mr. Bindumadhav Khire
Mrs. Manisha Kudale - Vice President of NPP Plus
Mrs. Manisha Kudale

'I Decide' – Video Spot
‘I Decide’ - Video Spot

'Targeted Interventions Under NACP
Targeted Interventions Under NACP
Targeted Interventions Under NACP
Targeted Interventions Under NACP


Mr and Mrs. Auti - Counselors NJP Plus
Mr & Mrs. Auti
Mr. Lahu Balasaheb Pawar - General Secretary of NPP+
Mr. Lahu Pawar
Audio Testimonial
Audio Testimonial

Peer Sharing - 01 on
Peer Sharing - 02 on




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