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A Positive Pregnancy Without HIV

Times of India
02 December 2010
By Vishakha Sharma

Cipla has developed a new Mother–Baby pack, a kit containing anti–retoviral drugs and antibiotics which prevents mother–to–child transmission of HIV/AIDS
The Cipla Mother-baby pack The Cipla Mother-baby pack
To prevent the mother–to–child transmission of HIV/AIDS, pharma company Cipla, along with UNICEF and other partners, has developed the first–of–its kind ‘Mother–Baby Pack’.

The Mother–Baby Pack contains an entire range of antiretroviral drugs and antibiotics required by an HIV–infected mother, starting from the 14th week of pregnancy, until the sixth week after delivery.

Developed in line with the latest World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for Prevention of Mother–to–Child Transmission (PMTCT) Option A, the Mother–Baby Pack is a colour–coded take–home kit, with simple graphics to help mothers identify the different sets of drugs – to be taken during pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding, covering the entire period when transmission can occur. Also, the pack contains drugs for the new born baby.

Launched in Kenya, Cameroon, Zambia and Lesotho, the Mother–Baby Pack addresses the logistical challenge of access to HIV drugs during pregnancy and the susceptible period thereafter.


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