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Voluntary Counseling and Testing Considered Critical in Fight against AIDS - TopNews United States

The topic of Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) in Zambia attracts a lot of attention from several people. This is so because issues of HIV and AIDS are no longer limited to the health sphere, but have also taken centre platform on the socio-economic stage of Zambia.

Numerous AIDS campaigners have been advising Zambians to find out their HIV status through VCT, but most people have been ignoring these services for various reasons. This is regardless of the fact that research has revealed that knowing ones HIV status is imperative since it lets individuals to handle the virus skillfully.

A lot of people recoil from VCT for several reasons, one of which is fear of disgrace, real or imagined. They would rather cure diseases like malaria and coughs.

. A number of patients choose to know their HIV status only when it is too late and their immune system is totally damaged.

And abstinence is perilous when one is suffering from HIV/AIDS since it results in that person denying him or herself the right to care and treatment, which is easily available in Zambia.

The worst part of all this is that even people who are educated, those who work in middle class jobs and some high profile celebrities, are also part of the group shying away from VCT.

Zambia AIDS Network (ZNAN) Executive Director, Elizabeth Mataka, says, "When one knows his or her HIV status, it is easier for that person to know what lifestyle he or she should live. One will be able to know how to prevent infection, re-infection, infecting others, or simply how to live positively, in the event that one is HIV positive".


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