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UNAIDS and HIV Response in Haiti in the Midst of the Calamity

[AIDS ASIA] It is disappointing to see that UNAIDS has not yet woken up to this tragedy. There is no official word about how people in Haiti infected and affected by HIV are coping with this tragedy from UNAIDS. No advocacy for the undisturbed services and support for people infected and affected by HIV.

A proactive response from UNAIDS is needed to deal with HIV in disasters. It seems, the UNAIDS Mandarins did not learn any lessons form Tsunami disaster either.

After a customary statement “UNAIDS stands in solidarity with the people affected by the devastating earthquake that struck Port–au–Prince on Tuesday last week” it seems they have gone on hibernation.

”UNAIDS has accounted for all of its staff in the UNAIDS Country office and has pledged support during this crisis”

UNAIDS communication team should have set up a daily update service for the benefit of the international HIV community– to let the world know how HIV related services are provided during this crisis and how people infected and affected are particularly coping with this disaster.

The following news is one of the first information on the situation of people infected and affected by HIV in Haiti.

According to “Fourteen from Haiti AIDS Group Among Dead” Fourteen men who were counselors or clients of SEROvie, Haiti’s largest organization aiding HIV–positive gay and transgender people, were killed in last week’s earthquake, according to the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission.

SEROvie’s leader, Steve La Guerre, was one of only two survivors and managed to e–mail IGLHRC. “We were having our usual support group meeting on a quiet Tuesday afternoon when the worst happened,” La Guerre wrote. “I can’t even describe the horror as the ceiling and the wall of the conference room started to fall and the chaos started. It is now more than ever that SEROvie and ACCV [Civic Action Against HIV] are needed to provide the quality services we provide to our beneficiaries: food, clothes, and any type of help. Light a candle for these souls and for Haiti. Lord help us.” Cary Alan Johnson, executive director of the commission, said a Web page has been set up to collect contributions, and all funds “will go directly to our friends and colleagues in Haiti.”

Source: UNAIDS and HIV Response in Haiti




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