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Doctors on Call: Are You Living With HIV or Aids?
09 December 2011
The World AIDS day is held annually on December 1 for people to unite in the "fight" against HIV. HIV stands for the human immunodeficiency virus.

It is a virus which attacks the body's immune system − the body's defence against diseases.

It is now estimated that 33,3 million people are living with HIV.

Unfortunately over 25 million people have died in under twenty-five years. This death toll has made it one of the most destructive pandemics in the world.

The term "fight" is an interesting term used with HIV and AIDS and many other health conditions such as cancer. Is "fighting" HIV going to cause the condition to disappear?

Education and implementation of health awareness programmes such as this column will only go so far though.

Many of us have read a book, listened to a pastor and now we see billboards around town communicating about HIV. Do these media forms change our lifestyle?

All of us need to improve our accountability and social responsibility for implementing change in our lives.


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