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HIV+ Maid Had Sex With 100 Men: Doctors

Times of India
19 February 2011
Mumbai, India

A doctor treating HIV–positive patients has claimed that one of his patients has indulged in sexual relations with more than 100 partners "to take revenge" for her condition.

Dr I S Gilada, who heads an AIDS clinic at Grant Road, told TOI that a 29–yearoldwoman from the Western suburbs has been visiting him since the past two months.

While counselling her, thedoctor learntthatshe not only has multiple partners, but hunts for them with a vengeance to spread the virus she contracted through her husband.

"She was brought to us by her sister, who herself is HIV positive," said Gilada. "We found out that she had learnt of her husband’s HIVpositive status in 2005, and that he had transmitted the disease to her as well. Although she divorced him, she couldn’t come to terms with the fact that he had knowingly passed on the virus to her," he said.

Gilada said that during the counselling sessions, the woman, who works as a maid, claimed she has had more than 300 sexual encounters with 100 men over the past three years.

"She admitted to frequent encounters with men ranging from her employers andtheir relatives,totheliftman and students — all of whom have had unprotected sex with her," said Gilada.

When asked about the case, Dr S S Kudalkar, president at the Mumbai District AIDS Control Society (MDACS), said the organization would investigate the matter.

"We will talk to the clinic and investigate the case. If it is true, then we will counsel the woman," he said. "HIV is not just a disease of the virus, it is also a disease of human behaviour. The National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) has mandated pre–test and post–test counselling to curb patients from forging sexual contacts with multiple partners," said Dr Kudalkar.

Can She Be Stopped?
Dand oes an willfully act of infecting knowingly others with the HIV virus invite legal action? Dr Lalit Kapoor, advisor at the medico–legal cell, Association of Medical Consultants, said, "If one does complain against her, she can be charged with a criminal case for causing grievous hurt to others." In other words, legally, nothing can be done unless one of the woman’s partners files a case against her. "She can be prosecuted for spreading a life–threatening disease. But for that, someone has to come forward and file a complaint," said Kapoor.

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