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Aids Control Panel Seeks Info on Maid out to Spread Virus

Times of India
By Deeptiman.Tiwary

Experts say 28–year–old infected by her husband needs counselling to pull a stop to her mission to infect as many men as possible
Aids Control Panel Seeks Info on Maid out to Spread Virus
The identity of the 28–yearold woman who had unprotected sex with at least 100 men to avenge being infected with HIV by her promiscuous husband, may finally be revealed to the Mumbai District AIDS Control Society. The committee has written to her doctor, requesting him to share her details so that she can be counselled.

The troubled woman who married in 2001, separated from her husband in 2005 after she stumbled upon his adulterous ways and discovered that he had infected her with the dreaded disease. In a fit of rage she went about systematically infecting hundreds of men by having unprotected sex. Her startling confessions surfaced when her doctor revealed the extent of the damage she may have intentionally caused.

Ever since her explosive story emerged in the media, the identity of the woman has been a subject of much debate. While on the one hand Dr Ishwar Gilada, who has been treating her, feels compelled to protect his patient's identity, on the other, he has expressed his desire to counsel and warn the men she may have had unprotected sex with.

On February 22, Dr S Kudalkar, project director of Mumbai District AIDS Control Society (MDACS), wrote to Dr Gilada, requesting him to help identify the patient. "We need to counsel her. According to Supreme Court guidelines every practitioner is bound to share details of an HIV positive patient so that the government health machinery can take care of him/her," he said.

Aids Control Panel Seeks Info on Maid out to Spread Virus
The MDACS wants to provide medical care and also prepare her psychologically to handle the trauma, he said. "Her desire to infect as many unsuspecting men as possible with HIV shows how badly she has taken to her condition," said Kudalkar, adding, "We will convince her that even as an HIV positive person she can lead a good life. We will introduce her to other HIV positive people who are leading a normal life to help her realise, she is no different."

Meanwhile, Dr Gilada's patient may have struck a repentant note. He said, "After media reports surfaced about her, she spoke to her sister expressing her wish to mend her ways." According to Gilada, the woman sounded a little disturbed during her conversation and told her sister, "My life is finished anyway. I will either commit suicide or go to the ashram where my son is sheltered and serve the ashramites. But I will come home first." The patient, whose son from her estranged husband is hearing and speech impaired, lives in a special facility away from the city, while she works as a domestic help.

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