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Rural A’bad is urban in breast cancer trend

21 Aug 2012

Rural Ahmedabad is going the urban way. It is not only getting rapidly urbanised but is showing ‘urban’ trends in cancer too, a development that has oncologists worried. Data accumulated through research by the community oncology department of the Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute (GCRI) has found that breast cancer tops the list of cancers reported among women in rural areas of Ahmedabad district.

It should be noted that across the country, there are only two rural-based population cancer registries. One is in Ahmedabad and the other is in Barshi, Maharashtra. The Ahmedabad registry covers both the rural and urban parts of the district. Talking about the findings, director of GCRI, Dr Shilin Shukla, said that the data available from the rural registry in Barshi showed that cervical cancer is the most common cancer reported among women of that area.


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