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‘HIV-infected at higher risk of non-AIDS cancer’

While some specific cancers in 'People Living With HIV (PLHIV)' are known, it has now been identified that PLHIV are at higher risk of getting certain types of cancer like eye and leukaemia which were earlier not associated with HIVAIDS in India, shows a first of its kind study by National AIDS Research Institute (NARI) Pune.

"An estimated 2.06 million people are living with HIV in India. However their cancer risk was unknown in India. We conducted a probabilistic computerised record–linkage of HIV database and cancer registry residing in Pune city to establish feasibility of the method and obtained population based incidence of cancers in PLHIV," Scientist D and study Principal Investigator, NARI, Dr Sheela V Godbole told Sakal Times.

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Records of 36,125 persons from Pune registered with NARI/government centres between January 1996 and December 2008 and 31,889 cancers registered with Pune Cancer Registry were linked.

"Overall, 637 records (1.8 per cent) were linked (198 prevalent; 439 new cancer cases). Of new cases, 86 per cent were those traditionally not associated with AIDS. Of AIDS defining cancers, 70.5 and 29.4 per cent were cervical and Non–Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) respectively. We assessed incidence risk by comparing the number of cancer cases in PLHIV with the expected number in Pune population. We found incidence for AIDS–defining as well as many non–AIDS defining cancers highly increased as compared to rest of the population," Dr Godbole said.

In men, incidence of penile, nasopharyngeal, mouth, salivary and brain were significantly raised. In women, cervical, breast and lung cancers were significantly elevated, while eye and colo–rectal–anal cancers were significantly increased in both sexes.

These findings were presented at the prestigious 'Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in USA earlier this year in a paper titled: 'Substantial Burden of Non–AIDS Cancers in PLHIV: Early Results from a Computerised HIV and Cancer Registry Match in Pune, India'. "This first record–linkage study from India, establishes feasibility of record–linkage in a country with a large HIV+ population. It provides baseline findings of the impact of HIV on cancer in India and identifies unusually high risk for eye cancers and leukaemia," she said.

According to Director, NARI Dr Ramesh Paranjape the data identify the need for similar studies of cancer risks in other Indian cities "to guide better estimates of cancer in PLHIV in HAART era for targeted interventions".


AIDS–Defining Cancer (ADC): 12 pc of all cancer

  • Cervical cancer risk 15.8 times
  • NHL risk 10.5 times

Non ADCs rate: 88 per cent

  • Eye cancer risk 154 times
  • Breast cancer 12.3 times
  • Colon, rectum and anus 13.5 times
  • Oesophagus 12.4 times
  • Mouth cancer 14.8 times
  • Nasopharynx 9.7 times

Sakal Times
29 August 2013

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