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Sudarshan Kriya can improve quality of life of PLHIVs: NARI

Sudarshan Kriya yoga (SKY) can help People Living with HIV (PLHIV) and enhance their quality of life (QOL), a study by National AIDS Research Institute has found.

HIV/AIDS is increasingly affecting the vulnerable population in India.

In addition, the social stigma of HIV forces individuals to change their jobs or move, adding to stress and deterioration of health, lowered self–esteem and absenteeism with low productivity at the workplace.

"Assessing the QOL of PLHIV is critical for behaviour modification like coping with everyday challenges related to decision making and adherence to treatment," Scientist 'F' and Head, Social and Behavioural Research Division NARI, Dr Nita Mawar told Sakal Times.

"Tools to measure the quality of life have been developed to measure the well being of PLHIV and includes the Medical Outcome Study Scale (MOS) scale, which has been modified at NARI and WHO QOL–HIV Bref 31– item scale," Mawar added.

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The WHO QOL Scale has 31 structured questions in six domains, related to physical health, level of independence, psychological, social, environmental and spiritual domains.

SKY in clinical trials on patients suffering from non–communicable diseases showed reduction of pain among cancer patients, reduction in alcohol dependency in addicts and improved immunity through SKY intervention.

"QOL scores have also measured lifestyle changes. Interventions like physical exercise, yoga showed a desired effect among chronic illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma and depression," Dr Mawar said.

"Understanding the impact of yoga intervention on QOL is critical to enable PLHIV to cope up with the disease. Our pilot study enrolled PLHIV with 31 participants randomised to SKY intervention group and 30 to control arm," she said.

"All enrolled were given standard care," Mawar added.

The intervention group was given an additional six–day workshop on SKY to be practised at home for 30 minutes daily, followed by a practice session for a week.

The SKY practice is a standardised technique and includes three rounds of pranayam, Bhastrika and OM chanting followed by rhythmic breathing during meditation.

"Increased QOL scores in intervention arm is recorded for median physical domain QOL and level of independence domain. Intervention arm showed improved overall QOL for physical, psychological and level of independence domains," Dr Mawar said.

Sakal Times
11 Sep 2013, Pune

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