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Kripa AIDS - Components of VRACS

Components of VRACS
The VRACS module is a comprehensive clinico–community programme. It is holistic in approach and aimed at addressing the specific needs of People Living with HIV (PLHAs) and their significant others in Vasai. A combination of clinical support provided by a battery of trained physicians, community care through ongoing intervention activities and home based care has enhanced the reputation organization, and today VRACS is second to none in the battle against the pandemic in the country.

The programme module is specifically structured and has proved itself to be a NICE (Networked Initiative for Community Empowerment) model for SMART (Surveillance, Management & Care, Awareness, Research and Training) service.

The Advisory board of VRACS has significant stakeholders from the community such as elected leaders, government officials, educationists, members of commerce and trade, religious leaders, media representatives and student leaders. Recently a PLHA (person living with HIV–AIDS) is inducted as an active board member in deference to the principle of Greater Involvement of People living with HIV–AIDS (GIPA). The board, which was originally an organizational initiative on the part of the project, has truly gained community impetus. The board currently is more focused on developing specific agendas with nominated responsibilities for their effective implementation.

CSNL (Counseling and Surveillance Network of private Laboratories): The Network of Private Laboratories in the region was formulated by the project to create an environment of ethical practices vis–à–vis testing for HIV/AIDS carried out in the private sector. This initiative works on the sense of social responsibility. The initiative has involved the development of a forum and its capacity building. The forum also serves as the data pool for the surveillance module of VRACS.

ELFA (Elected Leaders Forum against AIDS): The establishment of the Elected Leaders Forum on AIDS in Vasai has been a unique initiative of the project and was formed on 14th August 2003. This body comprises of elected leaders of the zone. The aim of the body is to lobby for the cause of health including HIV/AIDS in Vasai.

CIDC: Clinical and Infectious Diseases Centre provides ‘round the clock’ management and monitoring of the clients. Psycho–emotional support for the client and the family is integrated into the care programme. The development of a strong, high quality and linked treatment module that works on the principal of low cost community care and support has been the cornerstone of the project. Treatment of major opportunistic infections along with meticulous and timely management of asymptomatic patient has steadily been portraying the message that HIV is a chronic manageable illness and need not be associated with death when treated right.

Peripheral service delivery through Mobile Van: In order to reach some of the inaccessible areas in the region, a mobile van was commissioned on 2nd May 2004. This van acted as a mobile VCCTC and facilitates awareness activities.

VRACS Activities
  • Integrated Counseling and Testing Centre (ICTC)
  • Management of Opportunistic Infections
  • Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infection
  • Delivery of Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme(RNTCP) – Directly Observed Therapy Short course (DOTS) programme for TB management
  • Anti Retroviral Therapy initiated and maintained along national / international guidelines while monitoring adherence
  • Targeted Interventions in the industrial belt of Vasai and along the national highways to cover high risk vulnerable populations like Commercial Sex Workers (CSW), truckers and Men who have Sex with Men (MSM)
  • Nutrition supplementation: a socio – cultural specific nutrition supplement is provided to PLHA as an adjunct to HIV management
  • Training of primary care givers and PLHA on home based management of health issues associated with HIV
  • Pre, Post HIV test Counseling and Maintenance Counseling, including treatment adherence counseling
  • Home visits for follow up of clients and to monitor ART adherence
  • Awareness programmes through single events and mass events for
    • Sensitization and Destigmatization
    • Awareness and Education
    • Community Mobilization
    • Marketing the VRACS activities
    • Reaching out to the infected and affected populace
    • Identifying and Tracking key populations vulnerable to HIV infection
  • Formation of support groups of people living with HIV/AIDS, caregivers and community volunteers as well as peer educators
    • Psychosocial, legal and medical support including counseling
    • Community based anonymous self help group
    • Yoga and meditation programmes for psycho–emotional and health stabilization for PLHA and significant others
  • Training Health Care Providers, Paramedical and support staff on International protocols for HIV management
  • Psycho Social and Clinical Research, public health monitoring of prevalence and trends related to HIV dissemination in the region
  • Annual International updates/conferences with technical support from the University of South Florida
Kripa – AIDS, a Kripa Foundation initiative
AVERT Society
Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
University of South Florida, CHART – India
Florida Caribbean AIDS Education and Training Centre (FAETC)

Ms. Purvi Shah, Project Director, VRACS
Dr. Joseph Chettiar, Medical Consultant, VRACS
Vasai Region AIDS Control Society
Kripa Foundation, Papdy, Vasai (W), Thane – 401 207
Phone: 0250 232 6522/232 4588/232 6069
Fax: 0250 2326521




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