Chandigarh Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS

Chandigarh Network of people living with HIV/AIDS
On October 18, of this month ‘Chandigarh network of people living with HIV/AIDS’ has completed two years of existence. Past few years were successful years in terms of achievements and obtaining results pertaining to Advocacy, IEC activities and issues related to care and support. On the advent of NACP–III, PLHA thought that participatory approach of including important stakeholders could help the community obtaining positive outcomes of NACP III objectives. CNP+ was founded in 2005, registered in 2005, and now has over 1,000 members from Chandigarh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh neighboring states, we are affiliated to the Indian Network for People Living with HIV (INP+).

‘Together we stand’, to symbolize unity in challenging HIV/AIDS stigma. Stigma, ‘A powerful and discrediting social label that radically changes the way individuals view themselves and are viewed as persons’, can be felt (internal stigma), leading to an unwillingness to seek help and access resources, or enacted (external stigma), leading to discrimination on the basis of HIV status or association with someone who is living with HIV/AIDS.

The right to non–discrimination, equal protection and equality before the law Ourwork Advocacy
Advocacies we have been involved with in the past year include:
  1. Non-discrimination and equality before the law.
  2. Human rights of women.
  3. Human rights of children.
  4. Right to marry and found a family and protection of the family.
  5. Right to privacy.
  6. Right to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress and its applications.
  7. Right to liberty of movement.
  8. Right to seek and enjoy asylum.
  9. Right to liberty and security of person.
  10. Right to education.
  11. Freedom of expression and information.
  12. Freedom of assembly and association.
  13. Right to participation in political and cultural life.
  14. Right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health.
  15. Right to an adequate standard of living and social security services.
  16. Right to work.
  17. Freedom from cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment punishment.

Service Delivery

We Provide information, counseling, nutrition and other support. We have mainly focused on HIV+ women and Children empowerment and Education through deferent government programs, likely next financial year 2009–2010 Chandigarh Administration start to financial help for women Rs.1000 and Children for education Rs700 per month through Chandigarh SACS.

We have good linkages with Chandigarh Social and welfare department they provide us for shelter home for women and Children like Nari–Niketan and under juvenile justice ACT for Children.

Last year with our initiative an advocacy for Children infected/affected through HIV at Himachal Pradesh stated a financial support to be HIV infected Mothers Rs.300 to 700 per Month.

Network Building
We tried to make state level Networks at Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and J&k our neighboring states. INP+ make sure that Network of positive people is weedy in northern region states in India so coming soon INP North for making Networks at northern India at Chandigarh the President of INP+ Mr. K.K. Abraham announced in his valedictory terms after end of 13 September Mass rally at Chandigarh.

Some History
» 2005
The Chandigarh Network of People with HIV (CNP+) was formed in 2005

» 2006
1. I n august 2006 Layers collective new Delhi are worked/research some questionnaire on ART, our organization had availed 25 PLHAs who are take ARV Medicines and faces difficulties and discrimination by doctors and paramedical staffs. A detailed questionnaire filled by PLHAs during the session and submitted all reports at NACO, New Delhi through Layers collective HIV/AIDS Unit.

2. CNP+ had organized a workshop on State level consultation on Treatment access’ (Report attached, Panos India also published) on dated 18/10/2006 at CYP Commonwealth Asia Centre Chandigarh and same year CNP+ President had selected as Commonwealth youth Ambassador She was second HIV+ lady in India selected as Youth Ambassador.

» 2007
We also worked against human trafficking on HIV/AIDS in women and children. Presently we provide toll free helpline counseling on 1800–180–1000 against trafficking without any fund receiving by related departments/NGOs, it totally social work done by CNP+ we also get and learn technical support from fxb India suraksha a Geneva based NGO.

A major event organized by CNP+ in year 2007 at Chandigarh was inauguration by CNP+ President Ms. Pooja Thakur, India’s first Condom bar at Kalagram was associated with Chandigarh tourism department, CITCO .(NACO newsletter also published).

» 2008
INP+ and CNP+ organized Annual General Meeting of INP+ at Chandigarh on dated 10 September 2008. We organized a rally on dated 13 September 2008 at Chandigarh.

How to help
Help us by volunteering your time and your skills, by making a donation, or in any other way.

CNP+ Contact Details
Ms. Pooja Thakur Ms. Pooja Thakur
The President of CNP+, elected at the Annual General Meeting in 1 December 2008, is as follows
President: Ms. Pooja Thakur
Vice President: Mr.Ranbir Singh (Acting)
General Secretary: Mr. Ram Dhani Yadav
Joint Secretary: Mr. Jaswant Singh
Treasurer: Ms. Meena Vij