Organizational Profile
Pahal the Initiative
Brief History and purpose of the Organization:
In 2006, the founder member of the organization, Mr. Praveen Srivastava started a campaign at local level in district Kushinagar & Gorakhpur for the improvement of livelihood status of small and marginal farmers, women, children and deprived communities. PAHAL was established with the purpose of poverty alleviation of the said target groups in Sukrauli and Pipraich blocks of district Kushinagar and Gorakhpur, respectively.
The organization has been addressing the issue of improvement in livelihood status of small and marginal farmers through agro based income generation activities based on low external input sustainable agriculture practices with special focus on horticulture promotion. Apart from it, PAHAL has also been devoting its attention towards Family planning reproductive health & HIV/AIDS issue in terms of making aware, sensitize and orient the key stakeholders belonging to rural community, Ngos & Gos.

PAHAL dreams a society where sustainable and multifaceted opportunities for livelihoods & health are provided to deprived & weaker sections.

PAHAL is committed for socio economic development of small and marginal farmers, vulnerable women and children with the help of various activities especially income generation & family planning and reproductive health, programmes through rights based approaches.

Organization’s Structure
PAHAL has 21 members general body with representatives of Gorakhpur and Kushinagar districts, 15 of whom are small and marginal farmers, out of which 6 are women.Governing board of the organization has 7 members with 5 years term. Members are elected by General body through secret ballots. The Executive Director acts as Chief Functionary but draws no salary from the organization.Secretary reports to managing committee and manages the staff.

There are 2 full time staff and 6 volunteers.

Clientele of Work:
Target Groups:
Geographical Coverage:
Future Plans:
Ac Nelson – Org – Marg
NFFOROAM – National Farmers for Rural Organic Agriculture Mission.
ATSEC– Action against Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children.
District Horticulture Department, Kushinagar

Collaboration for e–news Letters and Reports: Office Address
Village – Naipur
Post – Pakri (Sukarauli)
District Kushinagar
Uttar Pradesh
Ph: 05567 261087,
Mob: +91 9450438102

Policy and Advocacy Unit
424, Vaishali Enclave, Near Dayanand Inter,
College, sector – 9, Indira Nagar
Lucknow – 16, UP, India.


Contact Person: Mr. Praveen Srivastava

Mobile No: +91 9415408614

Legal Status: Registered under society registration act 1860.

Date of Registration: 07.07.2006
Progress Report 2008-2009 Preface Report
We are very glad to present the progress report of the organization of this year. During the year 2008–2009, organization has touched some such dimension which protects the rights of women and children’s. In this direction, issues like women and children exploitation and HIV/AIDS have been aimed by the organization more attentively. On the other hand it is necessary here to describe that the organization has especially upgraded the livelihood empowerment initiatives of weaker section, women and small marginalized farmers of Sukarauli Block of Kushinagar District. The organization has ensured agriculture intervention with the support of existing programmes for them which give a strong direction to their living. PAHAL feels that villagers especially women are still critical condition despite an ace role of agriculture and economy. In other words, it will not be an exaggeration to say that it is such an issue before the voluntary sector which can be changed in association with key stakeholders and existing programmes and policies of government. Where we talk of their ownership over the resource or it is the aspect of the right of decision making etc. it must be our paramount duty to make a complete and wholehearted effort. While presenting an account of interventions applied by the organization last financial year, we are fully confident that the readers will definitely dispatch their valuable suggestions and feed back, which will infuse a new life in our campaign and initiates.

Geographical Coverage
Geographical Coverage
Clientele of Work/Target Groups
Intervention During the year 2008 – 2009
Participation in Polio Eradication Campaign
Pahal ensures participation of its volunteers during the polio eradication campaigns. During the year the organization has covered three panchayats in collaboration with health department. We have drawn our attention towards maximum reach of the children to polio booth. As the result a considerable increase in immunization status can be seen these three nyaya panchayats.

Women Empowerment
Women Empowerment
Towards the issues of women empowerment, PAHAL formed women awareness committees (WAC); and committee members have been helped to provide information regarding community level surveillance and development planning of the villages. Committees were also informed about their role in local level health information, counseling, panchayati raj, role in village development, village level micro planning and PRA techniques to improve livelihood status of the vulnerable population through local level agriculture enterprises and health issues (HIV/AIDS, Family Planning and Reproductive Health). WACs were formed in 15 villages in Sukarauli block of Kushinagar district. In each WAC, 15–20 women and adolescents are member. The WAC meeting held in every month. The creation of women groups has other advantages as it provides a forum for addressing other social and economic issues of their daily lives. The groups can be used as a means of sharing traditional knowledge of food and grain matters such as methods of storage and uses of foodstuffs for certain occasions or problems.

Gender inequality is widely prevalent in the project area. Adolescents in the project area face harsh discrimination that compromises their right to survival, growth, development, protection and participation. The PAHAL awareness committee is used as change agents for advocating gender equity. PAHAL awareness committee is formed to promote change in attitude towards developmental needs of a Girl child. These groups disseminate information on the aspect of child labour and its physiological effect on the child.

Resource Center
As dreamt, Pahal is initiating resource center to provide information, education and communication on various emerging and crosscutting issues in present settings in health, economy, livelihood and entrepreneurship for both service providers and vulnerable communities incorporating in various ongoing activities.

With its own resources and with willingness, Pahal have collected more then 500 books and journals related to Family planning, Reproductive health and HIV/AIDS and received electronic News letters on regular basis.

The objective of this resource centre is to work as learning centre with latest information communication technologies so as to reach most needed and unprivileged segments. As in these districts, more girls and women of the remote areas seek opportunities outside the home, the incidence of gender basedviolence has been increasing. Two–thirds adolescent not enrolled school. These illiterate & out–of school are at greater risk than their in–school counterparts joining wrong trade. In this context we provide the adolescent &drop out girls with foundation skills (reading, writing, math critical thinking and problem solving, for example) through establishing resource center that leads to enrollment in formal schools at an age–appropriate level. The curriculum would focuses on adolescent health and girls' empowerment. They learn the consequences of Family planning, reproductive health, unsafe sex, STDs, and HIV/AIDS. Girls learn to take care of themselves and each other.The PAHAL women awareness committee looks into the administration of the center. The girls who are interested to continue higher education are enrolled in government schools. The committee is responsible for enrolling these students.

HIV/AIDS Workshop
PAHAL organized a one day workshop on “Prevention of HIV/AIDS”at Primary School, Naipur, workshop was organized on 1st Dec onWorld AIDS day. Principal Mrs Vinod Srivastava Inaugurate the workshop and she said that “HIV/AIDS ki jankari he eska bachaw hai”she address to participants for awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS. Executive Secretary of PAHAL also address this workshop and he informed regarding prevention of HIV/AIDS, how HIV/AIDS spread and how can know about HIV/AIDS and its testing centers location. 26 people were present in this workshop.

Networking / Collaboration
PAHAL actively partners with the several individuals, GOs, NGOs and CBOs, and network at regional, district, state and national level to broaden its perspective, share of current information, ideas, experiences and resource.Networking activities are facilitated through forming and leading issues based networks/alliances.

Ac Nelson –ORG–Marg

ATSEC–Action against Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children
Lok Sajheedar
District Horticulture Department, Kushinagar

Collaboration for e–news letters and reports–
– One world south Asia
– AIDS health care foundation
– ASTRA network
– Advocates for youths
– Canadian health network
– Bill & Melinda gates foundation

Executive Director: Key Area of Expertise Program Office
Village- Naipur
Post – Pakari (Sukarauli)
Uttar Pradesh

Administrative office
House no- 13/319
Indira Nagar
Lucknow-16, U.P.
Mobile: +91-9415408614