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About Us
Text to Change
Text to Change (TTC) is a non–profit organisation was founded in 2006, which is devoted to improve health education and medicine adherence via mobile telephony in developing countries.

Key programs
Our mission is to provide mobile phone based education to people in Africa, who lack the knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS related topics.

“Spread the message stop the virus”
Text to Change is dedicated to contribute to the fight against the worldwide epidemic. To begin with we intend to focus on HIV/AIDS education. We strive to educate people in a playful but serious way, by using practical and innovative mobile phone based activities, in order to increase awareness and realize a positive behavioural change among young people to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS.

With Text to Change we want to realise the following objectives:
  1. Create a dialogue in order to increase awareness of the disease and achieve comprehensive knowledge levels among young people.
  2. Reduce HIV/AIDS related stigma and discrimination.
  3. Motivate people for HIV testing and treatment.
With these objectives we want to contribute to Millennium Development Goal 6: halting the spread of HIV/AIDS and rolling back HIV infections by 2015.

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“Don’t guess the answers, learn the truth about AIDS!”
With the Text to Change concept we offer an interactive Mobile SMS Quiz with (general) knowledge questions regarding HIV/AIDS linked with a rewarding system (incentive).

By means of this edutainment and this interactive way of communicating, we tend to reach out to millions of people in Africa and around the world in order to spread the message of HIV/AIDS and make it a subject of discussion.

The SMS Quiz is designed to raise and help resolve key issues around HIV transmission and prevention.

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